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Originally Posted by ozz525 View Post
I too need another option for breaking the guard. The knee in butt turn hip isn't working for me, it leaves out to much space. What I am starting to do is just reach back to the ankle and put one arm in, they always go for the triagnle and open the guard. I am pretty good at passes after the guard is open.
One more thing that I need help on is butterfly guard. When I go for the classic double overhook sweep I am always getting passed. As soon as I go to my side to sweep he jumps to the other side.
Please help, if there are any video's that you have they would greatly help. I learn better seeing something
Try the standup break, listed above. (it's right above your post)

Also, if your opponent has long legs or a loose guard, I sometimes slip my arms underneath their legs and go for a double-under pass right from there. If anyone needs clarification on what that means, happy to provide it.

With that one, make sure you get both arms out, or you'll get triangled.

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