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Originally Posted by Pr0d1gy
Idiots abound. The facts are that if you are familiar with Franklin you could clearly see something was wrong with him before the fight, and in no way was he scared he was going to get hurt or any other nonsense along those lines. If he really was he wouldn't have forced the action like he did. That is stand-up 101 type stuff. If you're scared of the other guy's power you stay away from him. Hell that is fighting 101 stuff.

Silva can beat anyone in his weight class on any given night, but I'm just saying I find a lot of this believable on many levels from what I saw. And that source in Iowa is Sylvia or Hughes or one of the MFS guys, you can back on guess is Hughes since he hates Dana most likely.
Why do you think Hughes hates Dana other than the info in this article because I find that part hard to beleive.

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