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Originally Posted by asskicker
Why do you think Hughes hates Dana other than the info in this article because I find that part hard to beleive.
Go look at when Dana told Hughes he was the greatest champion ever, Hughes basically brushes him off. There is an issue with a lot of the fighters & Dana honestly. They aren't stupid, they knew why Tito left, why BJ left, why Jens left. I'm not saying this article is 100% factual, just saying a lot of it adds up when you pay attention to body language & verbal exchanges.

I thought Silva would beat Franklin going into the fight, but seeing Rich trade with Silva successfully in his condition made me really think that Franklin could outstrike Silva if he was 100%. Seeing Franklin struggle so bad getting out of that clinch, and show such obvious signs of being hurt from a knee to the midsection, also showed me that he was definitely ill. Kudos to him for not making excuses though, that gets tiresome.
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