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Originally Posted by Micker View Post
You saw how the karate experts got their butts kicked when they first competed and styles weren't the mixed like they are now. I truely believe that regular martial arts are not made for making you a fighter, more then making you better physically and mentally.
As has been stated before, its the artist not the art. Lyoto Machida seems to be doing quite well in the UFC these days, a devout karate practitioner (though obviously mixing in other styles largely BJJ). Going by said logic, my Sifu having made an experienced Karate practitioner tap in less than a minute and a half would mean kung fu is better than karate? its the artist not the art. Experience plays a huge role, and also dumping all arts known as "kung fu" into one category would be ridiculous. Thats like saying an orange is an apple. They may both be fruits, but not the same fruit. I am currently working on Buk Sing Choy Lei Fut Kung Fu, and of course there are some elaborate movements that would not be practical in a fight (unless your opponent was especially dazed), but come on, you got a brain for a reason, use it. BSCLF is battle tested. Say all you want, but it is an effective system. And Im also not going to deny the effectiveness of MT. Both have their merits but it is of course the artist not the art which will be the ultimate determining factor. And to tell u the truth, one well landed punch in the temple with the right form can bust it and kill a guy. Game Over.
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