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[Game] Your Favorite Torture?!

OK I am just making this game up as I am writing this post cuz Asskicker gave me an idea. I hope this game isn't too out of line, if so, then I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem bad to me.

The first thing I will do is post a crime.

Example: A stranger mugs your brother and stabs him repeatedly

The next poster creates a scenario of what they would do to torture this person for that respective crime. It's all in fun, you don't have to seriously think that way. Just think up some crazy shit and post it. Pretend you're writing a scene for the movie Saw or something. All I'm saying is it's all fictional so don't worry.

Example of your response:
Cut little slits all over his body, throw him in the ocean, and let him feel the salt burn until the sharks come. Or we could just shove a rose stem up his pee hole, castrate him, then shove a towel down his throat hold the end and when he starts to digest it pull out his intestines through his mouth.

It's up to you how graphic you want to be

Then after you post your torture, you post a crime for the next poster. Just like this or that, or guess that fighter.

I know it seems kinda sick but like I said it's no different then writing for a movie like Saw or Hostel.

If anything, we can just post tortures, and leave the crimes out, as someone may end up hitting a sore spot on someone with their choice of crime.

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