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DREAM (mixed martial arts)
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Type Private
Founded February 13th, 2008
Founder Sadaharu Tanigawa (President of FEG)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Keiichi Sasahara, Head and Matchmaker
Daisuke Sato, Productions Director
Industry Mixed martial arts promotion
Parent Fighting and Entertainment Group
DREAM is a mixed martial arts organization promoted by Fighting and Entertainment Group (owners of K-1) and co-produced with the former PRIDE executives from Dream Stage Entertainment. DREAM replaced FEG's previous-run mixed martial arts fight series, HERO'S. The series has many of the elaborate production values of PRIDE FC, including popular former PRIDE FC fight introducer, Lenne Hardt. In America, the promotion is aired on Mark Cuban's HDNet.[1]


[edit] Pride FC's buyout and Yarennoka!
After the Zuffa buy out of PRIDE FC, the former Dream Stage Entertainment executives put on a collaborative New Years Eve mixed martial arts show with Shooto, M-1 Global, and the Fight Entertainment group, called Yarennoka!. This show was intended to be a farewell show of PRIDE FC. However, due to its large success and petitioning by Japanese MMA fans, the FEG and the former DSE staff decided to combine their efforts and form a new Japanese promotion.

HERO's dissolution and DREAM's emergence
Their new promotion was confirmed on February 13th, 2008 at a press conference. As part of the new promotion, FEG's HERO's was dissolved. However, HERO's fighters signed with FEG were confirmed to be part of the new DREAM Brand. In addition to the former HERO's stars, surprise guest (and PRIDE FC 2006 Open Weight Grand Prix champion) Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović announced he joined the organization. Another notable announcement was DREAM's confirmed partnership with M-1 Global. DREAM confirmed that M-1 Global will allow the last Heavyweight Champion of PRIDE FC (and the winner of the 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix), Fedor Emelianenko, to fight in their events. Fedor Emelianenko was present at the DREAM press conference to promote the alliance between the two shows.[2] (Emelianenko's future with the company became unclear on March 7, 2008 due to a contractual dispute with the M1 Global organization [3])[4] [5]

Partnership with HDNet
On May 2, 2008 DREAM aired for the first time outside of Japan on HDNet. On the first night DREAM.1 was aired. On May 3, 2008 DREAM.2 aired. Also on May 11, 2008 DREAM.3 along with all future DREAM events will be airing on HDNet as a part of the network's HdNet Fights series.

Partnership with EliteXC
On May 10th, 2008 DREAM announced a working partnership with US promotion EliteXC. The two groups intend to share fighters (Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz have both already participated in DREAM events) and eventually co-promote shows.[4]


Weight Classes
DREAM has 6 weight classes. Unlike HERO's, each weight class will have a champion with a defendable title.[6]

67kg/145lbs - Featherweight (effective at DREAM.3)
70kg/154lbs - Lightweight
76kg/168lbs - Welterweight
84kg/185lbs - Middleweight
93kg/205lbs - Light Heavyweight
+93.1kg/+205lbs - Heavyweight

Round Length
10 Minute First Round
5 Minute Second Round

Fights will be judged in their entirety by three judges, not on a round by round 10-point must basis (more common to North American promotions).
A winner will always be declared, draws are not possible.

Fouls and Violations
Stomps and soccer kicks to the head of a grounded opponent are not allowed (unless both fighers are on the ground), but they are allowed to the rest of the body.
Elbows to the head are not allowed (neither in standing or ground position).
If there is a 15 kg or more weight difference between the fighters, knees to the head of a grounded opponent are not allowed.
Ground position in DREAM means a three point position (both feet and one hand). So for example, if a fighter has both knees and one hand on the floor, then no kicks to the head are allowed. (This rule was put in place to avoid ambiguous cases for soccer kicks, much like what occurred during the Misaki vs. Akiyama fight at Yarennoka) [7]

Tournament SubstitutionsIn case of No Contest, the fighter who can continue will go through to the next round, if neither fighter is able to contine the promoter will choose a fighter to go through.
In case of injury, the fighter who can continue will go through to the next round, if neither fighter is able to contine the promoter will choose a fighter to go through.[8]

Notable Fighters
Yoshihiro Akiyama, HERO*s light heavyweight tournament champion
Shinya Aoki, Shooto middleweight champion
Eddie Alvarez, former bodogFight and Mix Fight champion
Gesias Calvancanti, HERO*s middleweight tournament champion
Mirko Filipović, Pride 2006 open weight Grand Prix champion
Masakatsu Funaki, former King of Pancrase
Joachim Hansen, former Shooto lightweight champion
Mark Hunt, 2001 K-1 Grand Prix champion
Mitsuhiro Ishida, former Shooto Pacific Rim welterweight champion
Denis Kang, Spirit MC Heavyweight champion
Tatsuya Kawajiri, former Shooto lightweight champion
Sergei Kharitonov, seven time army Sambo champion
Melvin Manhoef, light heavyweight Cage Rage champion
Kazushi Sakuraba, UFC Japan tournament champion
Hayato Sakurai, former Shooto middleweight champion
Norifumi Yamamoto, HERO*s lightweight tournament champion
Jason "Mayhem" Miller, ICON and UFC veteran
Jerome LeBanner, 2000 K-1 Osaka and Nagoya Grand Prix Champion
Yoon Dong-sik, HERO's and Pride FC veteran
Nick Diaz, former WEC welterweight champion
"Jacaré" Ronaldo de Souza, 2005 ADCC tournament runner-up
as for how the turnaments to find the champ are going just follow the DREAM section regurarly ( or watch it )

ah and heres the schedual :

06/15/2008 DREAM.4 Middleweight Grandprix 2008 2nd Round Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Yokohama Arena

07/21/2008 DREAM.5 Lightweight Grandprix 2008 Final Osaka, Japan Osaka-jo Hall

09/23/2008 DREAM.6 Middleweight Grandprix 2008 Final

Kovalev - Golovkin

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