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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Do you ever try and bait the triangle for a pass? I do this sometimes, usually only if I have good posture though first. I feel like a lot of people go for triangles when they get the opportunity but if I have good posture and my base is strong, I will end up defending the submission and passing most of the time.
Depends on the opponent.

If I'm training or competing against someone I know isn't going to catch me in the triangle, then yes. Usually, though, I'm quick to get both arms out.

My problem is that most of the people I train with that are better than me, the purple and brown belts I train with in particular, have really good triangles, which has made me really cautious about how I bait it.

If I do, I really focus on keeping control of my arm (the one that I have in), keeping that elbow short and blocking my opponents knee, making sure that I pin it to the ground so that I can pass.

Really, all of this is dependent on good guard posture. If you are broken down in your opponent's guard, never bait the triangle because it's going to be really hard to shorten that elbow up and slip out. If you are really comfortable with your posture and you feel like you are really safe in the position you have, then go ahead and try it.

Again, though, I'm very careful with how I use it and I generally try and work with both arms in or both arms out because it's much safer.

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