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Thumbs up Kendall Almost tap out..!! #2

Correction,The Slight tap-out or half tap out by ED Herman came in the secound round when kendall traps Ed's head on his chest (just prior to Kendals triangle atempt) If Kendal would have held that for another 5 seconds Ed would have tapped for sure. but as it stands just as Ed made the half harted tap Kendal unknowingly released pressure to adjust for his triangle atempt.. Also if you noticed Kendal finally got that rear-naked choke in tight, but unfortunately it happened 4 or 5 secounds before the final bell.. I have agree with GMAN giving a secound contract -though a good jesture by Dana White- was uncalled for, and takes away from Kendal "the under-dog" Grove's victory.. Though Herman forth a great and corageous fight, Kendal clearly beat him (and if you have the chance to view the fight again like I just did, you'll know that without question.) I have to take my hat off to the judges for being able to see past Herman's burst of agressiveness and notice Kendals defensive and especially outfensive technic's. It was 1 submission attempt after another (with a couple of near tap-outs (2) by Herman). At one point Kendal landed a knee to the gut that almost took ED out but Herman instinctively was able to grab Kendal around the waist as he got hit and he held on and took Kendal down. In my opinion if Kendal would had followed up with an elbow to back/spine he would have dropped and finish Herman. In addition, Herman gassed during the fight and had to be damn near carried to his corner. All these things were factors in the judges decision.. It clearly was one hell of a fight..! - One in the tradistion of Griffen vs Bonner (as predicted.. View my post Tito or Shamrock.??) but, without the full intensesity and heart those two displayed. Unlike this fight that fight definetly call for both fighter to receive contracts.!
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