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Have you ever been suspended or expelled?

Someone on another sport forum made a thread on this and it received a lot of replies so I have decided to make one on this. Have you ever been suspended or worse, expelled?

Well, I haven't been expelled because if I get expelled my dad would basically kill me but I have been to be honest suspended twice for fighting inside once and outside after school once.

Well, first I was having a bad day and this kid who dislikes me and his friend were making fun of me and I just hate being made fun of and people lying and calling me weak so I went up to him and proved to him I wasn't weak. I am skinny but not weak. I actually have some fighting talent, just no muscles. I am starting to work out and gain strength though.

And then there was a second fight outside of school that year. This guy kept telling me that I had no friends when clearly he had no friends and two of my friends were standing by me. And then my friend said why don't you meet him in the basketball court and fight. Then he made this excuse such as "I have friends, I don't fight." So I proved myself to him and grabbed his shirt and he grabbed my shoulders. I started tearing his shirt and then kneed him and his hold let go and I began punching him in the face. One of the people eventually broke it up. People started laughing at him saying 'you got owned' and he simply couldn't take it anymore and ran to the office and told on me. I got suspended again and never faught in school since. The year is over now at last and it was crap.

Anyone else want to share memories?
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