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You guys kidding. While the Brazilians had vale tudo he espoused not having a set style as he understood very well that in a street fight anything goes. By learning only one style one limits him or herself. Thus the origin of MMA fighting. "It's the art of fighting without fighting." He arm bars his opponent in "Enter The Dragon" albeit a movie, but nonetheless a demonstration of the ground game at it's earliest stages. As an anecdote he would get challenged by the extras and needless to say he never lost. He reps with arms curls at 72 pounds and weighs 140 - 150lbs. He's in the 100% percentile. You have no idea what kind of a training methods he implemented. Go pick up one of his books and try it. You'll be crying and that's back in the 70's almost forty years ago. Workout regimen that's still being implemented today; dieting, weight lifting, strength training, boxing, sparring, and major conditioning.

GSP, Jerome Le Banner (why he fights south paw even though he's right handed), and Anderson Silva among probably many other MMA fighters idolize him and consider him their hero. It's the discipline, philosophy, and work ethic that separates him from many other martial artists. I was gonna let this thread go, but felt it's only right to back up someone who's put so much into the world of martial arts.

It's disgusting to compare. How about you take the MMA fighters of today with no knowledge or martial arts background and fight him in 73. They'd get tooled any day of the week. You can't beat what you can't catch. Based on his striking he could take out a good number of modern day MMA fighters. Implement a ground game which would probably take him no time to learn and you will have the ultimate fighter at his respective weight class. No doubt about it.

It's because of him that MMA exists.
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