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Originally Posted by j.farrell View Post
I have trained with Amir a few times, so I was confident he would do well. Im really happy for him. I remember when they announced the fighters, I was like watch out for this guy Amir. And a lot of people were like "I dont know he doesnt have any pro fights". lol.
I remember saying the same things. Even before the season started I had Amir as my dark house and compared him to Grey Maynard in the account of how their UFC careers will trurn out; Both are inexperienced, get far in TUF, but not win it, go to a good camp, and be a serious threat to the division. I actually remember going on a website that announced fighters,, where Amir was ridiculed anywhere from being inexperienced, to having a middle-eastern name, to looking like an american idol contestant. Almost everyone said he was going to be a horrible fighter and was just their for entertainment purposes. I tried telling them to not judge him so quickly and that he would due really good on the show, but noone believed me. I guess the jokes on them. BTW I'm also now officially on the Amir Sadollah BandWagon.
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