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Originally Posted by mmawrestler View Post
I know someone who is even better than hellboy, that ediie alvarez, alvarez ****in rulz he is so exiting, hes been my pick since the beggining o really hope he wins the whole thing, i bet you do do cus then at least he lost to the guy who got first place.
mmawrestler I mean no disrespect, I think you are trying to say the right thing and I respect your opinion. I just don't want ther OP to feel disrespected. This was not so much a case of a better fighter defeating a lesser fighter but two amazing fighters locking it up an only one could come out the victor. Many people didn't know how how great a fighter Eddie Alvarez was before the tourney started or even after his defeat of Dida. I believe everyone's eyes have been opened now. Eddie Alvarez is for real and so is Joachim Hansen. Two great fighters went in and only one could come out the winner. Eddie fought the better and smarter fight that night. 95% of MMA fighters would have been KOd or given up after the beating that Eddie dished out early on, but not Joachim. He fought on and and did everything he could and almost won if not for the awesome escape from that amazing sub by Hellboy. It's sad that only one of these great fighters can move on, but such is the nature of a tournament. In my mind Eddie gained a bunch from that fight (and the one before) and Joachim lost nothing (in fact I have more respect for Hellboy than ever!). I'm not implying that you disrespected either fighter in any way, just trying to clear things up. When two men go into a fight like that and give it everything they absolutely have in my mind one man comes out the winner, but NO ONE COMES OUT THE LOSER.

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