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the above is a gem.
The following are in no particular order. Just group em by weight class, I realize most of my favorite fighters are HWs for some reason. Prolly because it's interesting to see some huge knuckle-dragger turn into a graceful wrecking ball in the octagon.

Randy Couture - classy in victory and defeat. And he spanked Tito. Can make a frumpy suit look pimptastic.
Spencer Fisher - little ass kicking action figure come to life.
Fedor - a russian bear who could submit a russian bear of the bear variety.
Looks like a chef lol! somebody else said he looks like a gym teacher, we need a thread "What profession Fedor looks like he's in" Our local paper said that in the coming year Russian will be one of the most important languages to learn, he's one of the reasons why. (The other ones are arlovski, taktarov, kharitonov, etc. etc.)
Cro Cop - Like Damone, I still hope and wait for the old Cro Cop.
Bas - and you thought the Dutch were a mellow, picture-painting, tulip-growing, hash-smoking bunch. I especially like angry Bas with the mustache. Gives TKD practitioners like myself hope that with the proper tweaks to our art, we can learn to kick ass also.
Lyoto Machida - He's so elusive. Did I remember to
say he's elusive?
Andrei Arlovski - He runs around in the woods at night howling, mauling and competing with Jon Fitch for prey.
GSP - One word: Riddim.
Clay Guida - never disappoints.
More later.

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