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I really don't like the "let's give it to the goaltender" cop out. Unless it's someone playing Martin Brodeuresque every night, this decision should never be to just give it to a goalie.

Eric Staal should've got it for the Hurricanes, not Cam Ward. The year before Brad Richards had won it with less points, while Khabi had better numbers across the board on than Ward. I guess that's one of the benefits of having your team go 34-0-1 that year when you score a goal...

If Osgood gets it, I'd yack. Guy doesn't face sh*t, although I'll give it to him that he remains composed after not seeing shots for 10 minute time periods. It's hard to ignore Zetterberg. The proof is there that when his line gets Crosby, the Crosby line gets shut down. I think that will change though if Hossa continues to control the puck (you're 6'2" 220 - stick out your a$$ and get between the defenseman and the puck like you've done all season and in game 3). Babcock is full of it to say he doesn't match the Zetterberg line up with Crosby's when they have the final change at home. Datsyuk is just as good, if not better, defensively, creates on every possession (the Pens should consider themselves lucky he still has 0 pts in the finals), and has began to throw his body around. If Detroit wins I give it to whoever has more points - Zetterberg or Datsyuk.

It's a shame Gonchar will never get it, because he is playing so well. I wouldn't give it to Lidstrom because he has Rafalski and Kronwall who are playing out of their minds.

If the Pens win - I say give it to Crosby. The kid is the hype, and it really sucks that most outside of Pit refuse to recognize all that he does with an ego even less than mine after a home run in company softball. It would be great to hear conspiracy theories after he got the cup and award. If MAF continues to stand on his head, he's a hard candiate to beat. After all, the Red Wings have been the better team for three games, and have won two...

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