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Never a knee thrown while in side-mount, in UFC...

one thing i always scream at the TV, is for the fighter who has side control to throw knees to thier opponents ribs! in UFC, it is perfectly legal, so there's no question of kneeing to a downed opponent there. it is such an effective strike, and something which you see often in PRIDE. again, this might go to the fact that in the UFC, the ground game seems relegated to throwing elbows from inside a guys guard. there are so many options on the ground that UFC fighters totally abandon. and let me tell you, a crowd of Vegas rednecks would shit some bricks seeing a guy toss a few mean knees into someone's ribs...

why no knees to an opponent when in sidemount, in UFC???

whiskey, racism, money, grease, twinkie's, guns.....yep lol thats about it
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