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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
When talking guard passes, is Mario Sperry's "submission grappling" guard passes still good (they're not obsolete or too basic or anything?). Because I've found that posturing up and put one hand on the chest of the opponent and the other on his leg, preassuring (changing hand depending on his reaction) and perhaps stand up is a good pass, in all it's simplicity.
Yeah, the basic stuff is valid and it's great. I think these are the passes we've been talking about through most of this thread.

Yeah, simple is better.

Also, leaving your arm out for an armbar/triangle, defending in the last moment and proceeding to pass, is a great however daring pass. It's prolly one of my more used ones, but that's more because I'm sloppy from the top (but with good defense) than anything else
Ummm... it's a gamble. If it pays off for you, great, but don't become reliant on it, because I catch guys all of the time when they bait me.

If you give me a move that I know really well, like a triangle choke or an omoplata, and I'll take it, and there's a chance I'll finish you.

It's better to not play that risk unless you absolutely has to. It's great if you know how to do that, but it's better to save that for later in the game if you do get caught, because baiting is not a good place to start. Not something I personally recommend.

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