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Originally Posted by spearsoldier
You guys arent the ones fighting in that cage, so it doesnt make sense why you should tell what is more effective to them.

Kneeing the body, or striking the head? The goal is to end hte fight quickly. Head strikes usually do that, as opposed to a body shot. Again, this has nothing to do with the UFC blah blah blah. The fighters chose not to utalize it. So be it. At least the UFC allows elbow strikes...
Well people in PRIDE do it and it ends the fight a bit quicker. I don't think people in the UFC are constantly going for an instant KO or something. It only makes sense to soften your opponent up while you are in a great position. Unless you are a practioner of lay'N'pray. It's not like we are being racist by saying only the guys in the UFC do's not meant to be offensive...but it is completely true.
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