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Originally Posted by ozz525 View Post
I never bait triangles because thats pretty much the only sub I get caught in from bottom. My defense for it sucks. But sometimes I will bait an omaplata when guys go for rubber guard.
This probably isn't going to be a good idea against seriously dangerous 10th Planet guys.

I have guys who bait me with the omoplata by putting their hands on the ground, and generally I just catch them in the jiu-claw and either sweep or lock down the omoplata or the carni.

There are lots of guys who think that they can't get past once they stuff the leg and think that they're safe from the omoplata, but they're setting up the carni, as well as giving up a pretty easy move to take the back or set up a reverse triangle.

I'll say this again:

Don't bait moves unless you really have to, because if your opponent is really good at that move, you could get caught, and you are basically giving your opponents the opportunity to take control.

So, if you get stuck in the rubber guard, keep your elbows in, your hands off of the ground and posture up. Use whatever points of grip you can get and work for the position.

The other way to get out of the rubber guard is to lock out your opponents bottom leg with one hand, so that they can't put the triangle on. Then swim your arm out the bottom and work the double-under pass.

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