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I eat babies
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Originally Posted by doublelegtakedown
"A drunk driver runs into a daycare and injures/kills 15 toddlers and 5 adults."
a bit sick so....I get the end of a beer bottle and teach him the importance of not drinking and driving. shove the beer bottle up his ass, rip off all his finger nails one by one (raw nerves), singe his balls and make him live of his own crap.

Someone makes fun of your mom on an online forum. oooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

wouldluvtofightu how do you come up with this stuff? very creative
lol I am ****ed in the head

Someone makes fun of my mom I find out who it is, and pay them a visit. I knock on their door and when they answer I dump a can of gasoline on them and light them up. I'll let them burn for about 20-30 seconds...just long enough to get second degree burns, then I hose them of and strip them down. That's when I whip out the bottle of rubbing alcohol and douse them with it. After that comes the bag of salt. Dump the salt on them, kick em square in the nuts with my steel toed boots, and go home.

a man car jacks you and kidnaps your passenger and goes on a dangerous high speed chase with the cops that lasts 2 hours and has many times during the chase where lives were endangered.

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