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Originally Posted by Ferdelance View Post
What about the saying,"It isn't the system, it's the man?"
Isn't it also true that all combat is unpredictable? You don't know how it's going to end until it's over?
You know that, while some people talk about this system or that, we also here stories about guys who are supposed to have it together martial arts-wise, you know, black belts, green berets, guys like that, and they go and get their ass kicked in a bar by some biker who never studied nothing formally.
The true story that I like along these lines, if anybody's really interested, I'll dig up the book on my bookshelf, they are saying that this guy was the CIA's top covert operator,he had been on his college's Taekwondo team for four years and had black belt ranking before he even joined the CIA, in the CIA they taught him more hand-to-hand fighting techniques at The Farm, their top-secret school for spies.
And what happened?
He was checking out some hot blonde when he was home on leave, and some punk high school kid working the counter at the pizzeria kicked his ass!
That's right! This hot shot covert operator/martial arts expert got his ass kicked by some sixteen year old pizzeria counterman.They had to take him to the hospital and shit.
What do you say to that?
i must agree.It depends on how well each fighter can empliement his or her style.I train in thai boxing and that does mean so kung fu or tkd guy cant kick my ass i respect all martial arts and you should to it kind of shows you a little imature or a lack of nolige
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