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So...yeah, just as I remembered. 2 scoops of NO with 8 oz. of water - DELICIOUS.

Speed Bench day.


Thursday, June 5th, 2008

20 x Bar
(50% of max + 30 sec. between sets...bang 'em out)
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155
3 x 155

Decline Close Grips
10 x 185
5 x 225
5 x 250
5 x 265

8 x 95
8 x 105
8 x 115
8 x 135

44 Thera Crunch Machine
25 w/ 50 lbs.
25 w/ 55 lbs.
25 ""
25 ""

Wrist Rollers
15 x 95
15 x 115
15 x 135
15 x 135 (f*cking forearms were on FIRE around 10)

Back Extensions (Lower back was a little tight...)
15 x 25 lb. plate
15 x ""
15 x 45 lb. plate
15 x ""

Body-Weight: 181.6 (Steadily dropping day by day w/o doing any cardio...besides my baseball games, so that's a good sign.) I'll get some pics up for you blokes if I can find my damn digital. Around here, be on the lookout.


Felt pretty f'n good today...besides my legs and ass being sore. Went in later than usual, but that just means the joint was empty. Naice.

Anyway, I'm still doing 2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition (Rocky Road) post work-out, and I mix it with 10 oz. of apple juice. Tellin' you...that shit WORKS. Spikes those insulin levels, and shoots that protein right into those muscle fibers. TRY IT! Small warning doesn't taste the greatest!

Surprise event of the day: the head trainer at POWERHOUSE randomly approached me today, asking me if I'd be interested in a training position. I've never asked about it, or expressed any interest to her, so I thought that was a nice compliment. She sees me doing my thang thang! Probably look into it though, for sure.

Happy lifting!

Time to go watch Game 1.

cheers mates.

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