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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
lol I am ****ed in the head

Someone makes fun of my mom I find out who it is, and pay them a visit. I knock on their door and when they answer I dump a can of gasoline on them and light them up. I'll let them burn for about 20-30 seconds...just long enough to get second degree burns, then I hose them of and strip them down. That's when I whip out the bottle of rubbing alcohol and douse them with it. After that comes the bag of salt. Dump the salt on them, kick em square in the nuts with my steel toed boots, and go home.
i agree how the hell did you get the rat or emo sherk idea?
and isn't that much for making fun of your mom? i would just pwn them over the internet which is the most scarring thing you could do to a person.

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