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Hell yeah, Hockey all the way. It's the only sport I can actually sit and watch, and be excited about. Basketball is boring and annoying. Baseball...just lame. Rugby: what the hell is going on? Football = ultimate borefactor. Hockey never really stops. There are no fouls, there are fights. Okay, there are penalties, but still... they have fights! and the refs let them settle it like men. they are carrying around sticks and blades, but they toss the stick, throw down gloves, and duke it out. Those are men. And hey, try fighting on skates. That's tough shit. Fighting's just a part of the game in Hockey. I watched an exhibition game where the Sharks were supposed to play the Blues. The Blues couldn't make it, so the Sharks split up and scrimmaged against their own team. I never would have expected this, but these two guys on the same team got into a fight. At first I thought it was for show, then I saw blood spraying out one guy's nose, and all over the ice. The dude's nose was broken! I'm getting all excited. Sorry this was so long, but pro sports have all gone to hell, and the only one that's holding strong to its roots is barely able to keep its head above water.

I say, support Hockey. The man sport.
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