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Originally Posted by bbjd7 View Post
Matt Brown has some of the worst submission defense. He's lost 5 of his 6 fights by submission. Now I agree with Steve Byrnes however Amir hasn't once looked good in any of his fights. He looked Ok against Brown, looked bad against Gerald, and looked bad against Byrnes.

Facing solid fighters and having average performances doesn't impress me.
I disagree. Beating solid fighters is impressive. Solid fighters have a tendency to make their opponents look average. He still managed to win the fights and he has had the hardest road of anyone in the house thus far. I like Amir, his stand up is pretty good, he doesn't take himself to seriously and he finds ways to win fights. However, I don't think he can beat CB because I don't see CB having a problem taking him down and controlling him.

It seems that the UFC knows who they want to win before the season starts latley. Why not just give CB a contract in the UFC instead of having him fight below average guys to get in? Everyone there was on his nuts from the beggining, especially Dana. I guess they put him on the show to make people dislike him and tune into his fights to watch him get a beatdown.


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