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I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I do know with certainty that the guys who play are not truly pussies. They don't get hurt from the fouls. I'm torn on the subject. The players are "acting" pretending that the contact produced more harm than it seems in order to get that foul called on them. Sometimes, it does take pretty good skill to make an offensive player get an offensive foul called because it's difficult for a defensive player to get himself into that kind of position to get the call. Other times, it's just lame.

I understand that at this point in the game, these guys are super hungry for the win. I mean, it's the championships. They'll do whatever it takes to win. They aren't breaking the rules...just taking advantage of how fouls are called. I'm not saying it's right though. It does take away from the integrity of the players and the sport a bit, which is why I'm torn on the subject. It also depends on the refs though. Some games you watch, the refs allow a lot of contact in general, whereas in other games, they are foul happy. So a lot of times it's still pretty situational.

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