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Originally Posted by kds13 View Post
So you bring up NBA players being pussies in the same game when Pierce goes out of the game with a wrenched knee...had to be carried off the court, yet he gets it taped and comes back and leads his team to victory?

I fail to see your point.

Trying to get a foul call = trying to win. Why would you not try and draw a foul to get some free throws?
Basketball fan kds?

I tend to believe that Pierce was being a sissy and didn't hurt his knee as bad as he made it seem. IMO he was going for the sympathy. Listen to his interview after the game, he says something like this, " When I got back to the locker room I realized that I could put weight on it and move around so I taped it up and came back out ".....surely if he would have stopped crying and flailing around he would have realized he could stand on it and move while he was still on the court. The guy was actually crying. IMO he was looking for the sympathy and recognition that he had toughed it out. If he wouldn't have made a scene about it he wouldn't have got the heroes treatment and praise for " gutting it out ".

I have blown my knee out and I didn't cry. This guy actually freaking cried. I shredded my cartlidge so bad that they removed all of the cartlidge in my left knee AND I tore my ACL AND MCL. I have had surgery on it several times actually because its so shot out. My point is, I DIDN'T CRY and I actually injured myself, he maybe has a sprain.

My point as far as drawing fouls is that its absolutely ruining the integrity and flow of the game. I understand trying to get an edge but you can't tell me its neccesary to bitch about every single time somebody brushes against them. The ball doesn't even make it down the court several consecutive times between fouls. It's way too extreme.

I don't mean to sound like I'm being a dick to you kds, its just that I'm passionate about my distaste for the modern NBA era. I have decided that I will never again watch the sport because the way they play the game now disgusts me.

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