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As for the fouling situation, you also need to see the problem in the players' eyes. These guys are playing and they are playing tough. It's not like they half asses go out there and just throw the ball up. Now, in the intensity of the game, someone on the other team drives in and you get called for the foul. You didn't like the call, but there's nothing you can do about it.

Later, it's your turn to drive in, you go and miss and get bumped, brushed, hit, tapped, whatever you want to call it. You feel like it was not much different than the foul that got called on you not too long ago and so yes, you complain. How can you not? You have to remember that we are just spectators and while it may not look like a guy was really fouled, the players themselves might have felt something different. The pressure, the intensity, and the excitement of the game will surely cloud plenty of players' judgement of if they were really fouled. And no, you can't really make an argument about players in the past not complaining as much because fouls were much much more lenient back then.

This type of complaining obviously doesn't jsut happen in basketball. Look at the NFL where receivers are now CONSTANTLY looking for passing interference flags since the rules became tighter. I'm sure plenty of soccer players complain about yellow cards.

Now of course, not every foul is like that, but I can imagine a good chunk of the foul situation is.

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