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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
A basic half guard sweep that is NOT the lockdown+whip up or the one Nogueira did against Sylvia would be super appreciated!
OK. This one is for my friend Jeremy Adkins, who won a major tournament (can't remember if it was the US Open or the Pan Ams) with this sweep.

First, lock out the foot from half guard and posture up on your elbow (so that you are on the inside, not across the body, because you'll get crossfaced and passed.

Reach under their leg with your inside arm and grab your opponents foot (the one that is not locked out). Transition it to the other hand (your outside hand) so that you are reaching across your opponents thigh and have the foot pulled against the thigh.

Then use that grip point to pull your opponent off balance (because they can't block with the foot) and push them over. Use that position, with the foot locked in, to pass your opponent's guard.

If there's anything that's confusing, ask.

Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Could you do a write up on the Ezekiel choke?
I've used it before but honestly I don't really know what I'm doing.
Also is it too easy to escape if done from side control?
If you get the ezequiel choke, you should transition to a knee-on-belly or mount because you are going to need to keep more control over your opponent than just the hip-on-hip control. Personally, I try and get to the mount, unless I feel like my opponent is going to feed me an armbar or a lapel choke from the knee on belly, where it's easier to finish.

So, from the knee on belly or the mount (or the side control, if you're setting it up from there), you should slip one hand under the head and grab the inside of your sleeve with the hand that's under the head.

Then you place the other hand across the throat and grab your other sleeve to finish the choke.

When applying the choke, extend your arms. Don't just try and squeeze, there's a lot more power in the arm extension.

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