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Originally Posted by Tripod87 View Post
Damnnnnnn TB that's strong as crap. I've never seen anyone around the 180s even close to strong as my friend but I think you are giving him a run for his money. What are your current maxes at right now, if you know.

And about your workouts. I noticed the weight increments are really steep and intense. I've never tried anything like that where once increment alone can be 30-50 pounds. Seems to be working well for you, maybe I'll give it a shot.
Thanks bud. Appreciate it.

Yeah, it wasn't always like that for me. A slow building process, you know what I'm sayin'. But yeah bro, I usually start all my sets pretty damn light, to get loose, work out remaining soreness, the usual. Then, that's when I hit it...and the weight incriments are spread. It's always been like that for me though.

Max Lifts currently (RAW) @ 177.8 lbs.:

Squat: 455 lbs.
Bench: 320 lbs.
DL: 560 lbs.

Those are the Big 3 that I train max effort in.

Anyway, here's today's W.O.:


Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Sumo Deads
25 x 95 (quarter pulls)
15 x 145 ""
15 x 195 ""
10 x 245 ""
8 x 275 (plates on now)
6 x 315
4 x 365
3 x 405 (w/ belt on)
3 x 455 ""
2 x 505 ""
1 x 520 ""

Bicep Curl Machine
12 x 60 lbs.
12 x 65 lbs.
12 x 75 lbs.
12 x 80 lbs.
25 x 50 lbs. (burn out set)

Standing Side Preachers
10 x (right arm, left arm) 25 lbs.
10 x "" 30 lbs.
10 x ""
10 x ""
10 x ""
35 x (each arm) 20 lbs. (until failure)

Lat Pulldowns
12 x 160
12 x 170
12 x 180
8 x 190
8 x 200

Iso-Lateral Rows (Machine)
12 x 185 lbs.
12 x ""
12 x ""
12 x ""

Iso-Lateral Low Rows (Machine)
8 x 205 lbs.
8 x 225 lbs. (2 plates on each, of course)
8 x ""
8 x ""
8 x ""

Standing/Seated Shrug Machine
20 (front) x 275
- 30 sec. break -
20 (back) x 275
- break -
15 (front) x 315
- 30 sec. -
15 (back) x 315
- break -
15 (front) x 365
15 (back) x 365
- unload -
25 (front) x 225 (holding each rep @ the top, 5 seconds)
25 (back) x 225 ""

Nebula Abdominal Extensions
25 w/ 45 lb. plate
25 w/ ""
25 w/ ""
25 w/ ""
25 w/ ""
25 w/ ""

Nautilus Nitro Ab Machine
25 x 150 lbs.
25 x 165 lbs.
DONE...that's 200 movements focusing solely on the 8 pack. Done deal.

Body-Weight: 177.8 - I may get close to unchartered territory here pretty soon! With all the baseball games, and me cleaning up my diet considerably, I may get down to the lightest I've been in about 2 years. God, I hope I can get down to 164.9-165.0 even. That would be so sick.


I was not feeling it today while I watched UFC 85 (before going to work out). Stayed out WAY TOO LATE last night, and was just groggy as f-ck today. Even during the event, which normally I get pretty hyped up for. Anyway, 3 scoops of NO, and 9 oz. of water changed that! Once I got to the gym, I was all jittery and ready to go. Good times. That helped my workout intensity IMMENSELY. I love it. Good W.O. all in all though, and very happy with the pumps I felt post-W.O. Cell Mass after my DL's of course, and 8 oz. of apple juice with one scoop of Optimum! Yuuuuuum. Gotta do what I gotta do though. Anyway, back at that shit MOOOOONDAY.

Happy lifting boys.....and GIRLS!


EDIT: I FINALLY came across my RAW meet vids! I'm gonna get them on YouTube again (my previous account got hacked and f-cked with), and get them embedded on here for you, keep an eye out (for those that didn't see them before)!
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