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[Official] Red Socks vs Rays PBP:

The round begins with Shields throwing a controversial low blow to Crisp's leg. Crisp follows with a Bob Sapp-esque bull rush, and shows beautiful upper-body movement in evading a big right hand thrown by Shields. Crisp returns with a right of his own, but fails to make a clean hit as he is taken to the ground via headlock by Navarro, but not before Shields attempts to sneak in another right hand. Gomes then follows the takedown with some clean hammerfists to Crisp's midsection. Crisp, although showing some promise in his standup, displays no signs of a ground game as the round ends with Gomes and three other Rays holding him on his back with flurries of punches.

A hard-fought round by Crisp, but the judges score it 10-9 Rays. You can't do it all yourself.

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