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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Alright I was just reading your training log for a little motivation before I go to practice. And there was something you have in there you called the Buddha Choke I think, like a gogoplata from full mount I believe you said. Now, keeping in mind I don't know what in the world a gogoplata is, any shot you could do a walk through of that sucker? It sounds viscous. And thanks for this thread, I still cant afford to take classes, so at open mats for wrestling me and some of the guys try new stuff out.

Just as an aside, if you happen to know a good BJJ instructional, which one would you (yall) recommend?
As far as instructionals go, the best ones I've found are the Marcelo Garcia and Robert Drysdale ones. Check out the samples on youtube and if you think it's helpful then buy them. They're worth it.

The Buddha Choke is, like I said, an inverted gogoplata. A gogoplata is a shin choke, basically trapping the arm and then (when you're doing the submission off of your back) pulling the head down to apply pressure to the throat with your shin.

The Buddha Choke starts from mount, and I turn like I'm going for an armbar. I step up and step over the head, but instead of turning the hips through, I flatten them out and move back to sitting on my opponent's chest. It requires a little bit of hip flexibility and often requires a little bit of work to get the shin underneath the chin.

Then I lean forward (actually, you should be leaning forward the whole time, but add additional pressure as you apply the submission) and place the knee of the leg not choking my opponent on my heel. Put my body weight on that knee to apply the choke.

Hopefully that's explanatory.

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