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Originally Posted by sNatch204 View Post
This guy must be new to mma...

Minotauro is the UFC HW champ. (Randy isnt / shouldnt be anymore)

CroCop had his problems broken ribs vs Crap Kongo)

shogun has had only 1 fight

Silva just destroyed one of the top UFC LHW contenders. He was most likely next in line for a title shot.

Jackson is the LHW Champ, coming from Pride.

Silva is the MW Champ, fought in Pride.

Pride fights are just as good as the UFC fighters. There are many more fighters the UFC could of gotten that are from Pride, who would most likely dominated. Gomi, Fedor, Arona, Lindland, Barnett just to name a few.
Some Complaints and Grievances-

Lindland dominating the UFC? I wouldn't hold your breath! He couldn't do it the first time around what makes you think he could do it the second time.

Really don't see Gomi dominating someone like BJ Penn or Sean Sherk.

Also, Silva is not in title contention yet! Remember he is still coming off a fresh 3 losing streak! Lyoto is most likely next in line for a title shot! Edit: Sorry, I misread what you said abot Silva. I thought you said he was most likely the next man for a title shot. Please ignore!

Other then that you make some good points. Pride fighters are just as good as UFC fighters. Jackson, Nog, and Silva give prelude to that. Shogun may have had one bad showing but he could pop right back up and dominate the LHW division (Hoping for the future).

You forget that this isn't just some brutal sport where everyones out to kill each other. Its much more like a game of physical chess.-looney liam

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