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College World Series in 4 days. NAICE. Gonna be epic.

Anyway, got back to it today.


Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

20 x Bar (stretch out...the norm)
12 x 135
3 x 185
2 x 225
1 x 250
1 x 275
1 x 300 (went up DAMN good)
1 x 310 (lockout was kinda tough, but it got there.)
1 x 325 (off the chest was STRONG, got stuck for a couple seconds about 2 inches from my lock out point, but I finally LOCKED IT. NEW RAW PR.)

Close Grip Bench (3-Board)
8 x 225
8 x 240
8 x 265
8 x 275

Front Plate Raises
10 w/ 45 lb. plate (shoulder height, with a 10 & 2 grip on the plate)
10 ""
10 ""
10 ""

Pull-Aparts (With 50 lb. resistance band - grip on it shoulder width apart)
12 reps of full ROM
12 ""
12 ""
12 ""

Dumbbell Shrugs
20 x 75 lbs.
20 x 80 lbs.
20 x 80 lbs.
15 x 95 lbs.

Sled Drag (Hold the span-set at full arms-length - first time down BACK PEDALING - back down, WALKING FORWARD w/ arms extended behind)
1 trip w/ 3 plates on the prong
1 trip w/ 4 ""
1 trip w/ 5 ""
1 trip w/ 5 plates & 25 lb'er on the prong (exhausted at this point...DONE DEAL)

Body-Weight: 176.0 (even) - I've steadily been cleaning up my diet...lean meats, lots of greens, protein, water, and not much else to really lean out, so if I'm close to 165 around meet time (July 19th), I won't have a long, exhausting cut left to handle. Good shit.


I felt kinda lackadaisical going into workout today, but once I got that 8 oz's of H20, and 2 scoops of NO, I felt f*cking FANTASTIC. I know I'm really pumping a good amount of water throughout during the days b4 I train, because even if it's just a tad bit humid in PH, I sweat through my shirts without much problem. Feel like I'm cutting each time I train! Anyway, good day turned in, which is pimp shit cause I didn't feel like doing anything on my way there.

Grip the bar as tight as you can mates.


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