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nate quarry news

After being on a hiatus from the UFC and not fighting in almost a year, Nate ďThe RockĒ Quarry returns to the octagon in December to take on fast rising youngster Brock Larson at UFC 66.

Recently caught up with Quarry to talk about his fight, his personal life, and his long-awaited return to Mixed Martial-Arts.

BoxingInsider: First off Nate, tell our readers about your up-coming fight on December 30th.

Nate Quarry: I will be fighting Brock Larson. Heís a young kid looking for his opportunity so you know heís going to come strong and fast.

Boxing Insider: Have you had any chance to study him at all during your training?

Nate Quarry: I saw his last few fights from Extreme Challenge and his fight last year with Jon Fitch. Heís a tough fighter with a slick ground-game. He also never quits during any of his matches and has never been stopped in a fight.

BoxingInsider: Since youíve took such a long break from MMA, do you think being non-active for the past year will have any effect on you for this fight?

Nate Quarry: No, but the last year has been rough though. I injured my back right after the fight with Rich, I wasnít healthy enough to fight until late August. But thatís when my father passed away as well. So Iíve been dealing with a lot of issues lately, but I think Iíve got everything behind me now.

BoxingInsider: Would you like another shot at the title or a chance to redeem your loss against Rich someday?

Nate Quarry: [Laughs] Oh Iíd love that, but that wonít be for a long time. Iíve just got to concentrate on my up-coming fight with Brock Larson, and then take it one fight at a time after that.

BoxingInsider: Well I wish you the best of luck in your up-coming fight in December. Would you like to say anything to your fans before we head out?

Nate Quarry: I would just like to thank all of my fans who have stuck with me and supported me the whole way. Stand strong.

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