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ok so let me start this back up. A robber breaks into my house and kills my family and kids. so i go to his house and knock on his door. once he opens it i tie him to a chair and bring his family into the room. i kill each and every one of them using a crocodile but i **** the women first and cut of the mens cocks. while the robber is greiving over his loss i take a used syringe and stick it up his p*nis whole. i then take a long shit in his mouth and sew it up so he has no choice but to swallow it. i would then make small cuts on his balls and fill them with salt. then i would take 15 centipedes and shove them up his ass. then i would slowly break both of his arms using an armbar and break his knees using a kneebar. then i would make a tattoo in his eye of tim sylvia and i would cut out his other eye and take a shit in there. i would slowly dislocate each finger and toe. then id peirce his nipples and stick him with an hiv infested syringe right in the asscrack. then id throw him in a septic tank and lock the door so thats where he spends the remainder of his life.

lol, yes i have horrific tortures. now for you guys............. you are walking with your girlfreind or wife and this random guy comes up and stabs her in the face killing her instantly. how do you torture him.

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