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k zender, conisdering i've seen a specialist and undergone the intensely discomfortable experience of a gastric scope, i know what it is that i have and it has nothing to do with my intestines. Jesus christ just get over yourself, you couldn't do it. Just because you want to believe you're unique doesn't make it so. I got an idea, why don't you get americanfighter to teach u how to use Qi to heal people, then you can use your magics to diagnose and fix everyone. Seriously you guys should team up you're both so insightful, you deserve each other.

ps. thanks for those vids on pa kua americanfighter, made me laugh, and remember a time when i was so naive as to think such things were realistic. to each their own, i dont feel like going in circles with either of u anymore, i didn't expect to change your minds, i jsut didnt want your anti-logical supernatural beliefs to poison the minds of any prospective martial artists who may read this thread.

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