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Originally Posted by Hopperman
I do agree that the fighters are not messed up before a fight, but you say it wouldnt make you fight better well Pete Rose ( if you dont know who he is, his is the all time Hits leader in the Baseball and one of the best players ever to play) came out about a month ago and said that he used to play the games on speed. So he obviously did it for a reason, so idk how it would help in mma but if it helped Pete idk why it wouldnt help a fighter
i just don't equate mma and baseball. mma requires so many more quick responses and hairpin moves, that i don't see how being tweaked on speed would help you concentrate and focus. speed will get you to run fast and hit a baseball though... just not setup an armbar from beneath top mount while a guy is raining elbows onto your nose...

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