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Originally Posted by Onganju View Post
Not really a question, but since I remembered Ironman mentioning the Buddha Choke a week or two back, I was pleasantly suprised to see Shinya Aoki bust it out in the last Dream event. Since I'm a fan of show and tell, here's the pic:

Here's the link in case the pic does not work -
F*cker, stealing my moves.

Glad to see Aoki bust it out. That man knows his way around a submission, and it's been nice to see him win with some new stuff. I always liked his Tobukan Judo game, but it did really need to evolve is he was going to be taken seriously by the submission grappling community.

With the addition of a solid gogoplata and a handful of armbar variations off the triangle, he's really starting to impress me with his versatility.

Honestly, though, his game is alot like mine (or, I should say, my guard game is alot like his), at least in terms of the rubber guard setups, and I'd like to see him start using the omoplata from the jiu-claw more, as it sets up really easily from the positions he catches his opponent in.

Alot of MMA fighters are stupid and they plant their hands on the floor to try and posture up from the rubber guard. When I'm training with MMA guys, it's something I see all the time, and I catch omoplatas and carnis all the time that way.

EDIT: A little note on Aoki's choke. It doesn't look like he's putting his knee on the ankle that's applying pressure to the throat. That's something I do (my way of imitating the pressure Eddie Bravo gets out of the locoplata) to put my whole body weight on the opponent. It draws the tap almost immediately, and I usually don't even get to the part where I'm pulling on the head.

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