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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
EDIT: A little note on Aoki's choke. It doesn't look like he's putting his knee on the ankle that's applying pressure to the throat. That's something I do (my way of imitating the pressure Eddie Bravo gets out of the locoplata) to put my whole body weight on the opponent. It draws the tap almost immediately, and I usually don't even get to the part where I'm pulling on the head.
I see what you're saying. You really wouldn't have to pull up on his head anyways as the mat is already there to keep them in place. Post out your arms for base and drive your hps forward and all your weight is going through your shin, through the guys throat and into the floor.

By the looks of it, it doesn't look like Aoki was able to completely clear his leg from the over his opponent's arm. While not completely tap-inducing as stacking his knee on his ankle, in the unlikely event that the guy on the bottom squirms out Aoki can transition to a whole slew of other subs with his opponent's arm extended past his hip.

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