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Originally Posted by hbdale309
I agree this topic is a farce, but I read that Michael Irvin used to blow coke before and during games? He eventually got busted and his career followed the same path.
I also think I read that one of the illegal substances Pawel Nastula took was amphetamines... so stimulants, maybe - crack, no.
Yea and so many others...Like Lawrence Taylor he was a crack head!

No drug addicts in the one would fight on that big of a stage while high. Trust me they would get overwhelmed, have heart palpations, freak out, look terrible, and lose in the first few seconds of the fight. Vicodin or something maybe....but not pot alcohol crack speed or any of that shit. I think Shonie might have been on something in the Quarry fight, and it showed, and is a prime example of why no one wants to get ****ed up before fighting a highly trained mixed martial artist.
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