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Originally Posted by mjbish23 View Post
Ya i'm sure every single night in every single city in the world people who are supposed to be in the finals of the TUF are running around kicking out windows and harassing women while yelling "I'm a UFC fighter". Yup I hear about that on the news every single day.

Your not telling me if you did the same thing and were yelling that you worked for the company you work for that it wouldn't reflect badly on your company? Of course it would because your saying hey my company hires people who can't control themselves while they are drunk and they don't care if you smash windows and harass women.

Wow, didn't think you were dumb enough to take what i said so literally. Think i gave you too much credit.

What Taylor done was stupid, its not a sackable offence though. Like i said, who, other than a handful of people would of even known what happened had the UFC not shown it.

We'll never know, but i wonder if he'd of been so harsh were it CB in Taylor's position or had CB beaten Amir. I genuinely don't think so.

After all, it's not like the UFC has never manipulated a situation to suit their own agenda.
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