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What a load of CRAP

I'm sorry but this so called "shocker" is about the absolute biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. It's not the shock value, it's WHY it happened.

I'm sorry but this is just a joke. Gee, I wonder how many times ANY fighter has gotten completely trashed and "terrorized" women. Hmm, a drunk guy trying to get laid, yeah, real unclassy to the sport.

I probably couldn't even count the amount of times on my fingers and toes how many times a fighter has gotten drunk and pulled that "I'm a UFC fighter!" bullshit to some kind of cop/security. As far as the window, big freaking deal man. 16 guys get trashed and completely WRECK a house, not make it messy, but WRECK it. Destroy the walls, staircase, furniture and that's not inappropriate? Gee why don't you kick all the fighters off the show for inappropriate behavior.

I'm really feeling bad for Jesse right now. Sure he may have acted like a jackass but this is something that you can't cound as "inexcusable". This is the same show that had Chris Leben on camera claiming how he wanted to kill people and "cripple Josh Koscheck", same show that had Jeremy May claiming he was going to come to everyones house and shoot them, but a guy gets too trashed and harasses some chicks?

I sincerely think the UFC wanted this show to end on that kind of note, like a real big "shocker", even if I believe this banishment was completely not necessary. If anything this was just a poor reason to try and bring the hype machine CB Dalloway back into the competition after Amir almost snapped his arm in half.

Seriously, there has been some real bad decisions on TUF, but Jesse Taylor just got the worst shafting I have ever seen on the show, what shit.

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