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It was like a gift from the gods above. A situation that just landed in Dana White's lap and he took advantage of it. Just complete and utter bullshit.

Edit: He deserved what he get? Yeah, in this case Jesse Taylor was the first UFC fighter to ever get completely drunk and harass some girls. Yeah, he "deserved it".

Interesting that Chris Leben was a full time alcoholic on the show, not to mention threatened to kill Bobby Southworth and cripple Josh Koscheck. Oh and the fact that he didn't stop drinking after the show and got a DUI for his troubles, yet he's scheduled to fight Michael Bisping in a few months. Melvin Guillard gets busted for crack and threatens to kill fighters yet he was invited back. Rob Emerson traveled in a pack to beat up on defenseless people on the street but he fights in the UFC.

For someone to say Jesse Taylor deserved to get kicked out of the finals because of something so shitty and has probably happened countless times to fighters is clearly bias towards the fact that Jesse Taylor is a "boring, lay and pray blanket". Opportunity came knocking and the UFC answered the door, there was a clear cut opening to get CB back in the competition and goddamnit it worked. Jesse Taylor got shafted and there's not a damn way around it.

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