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So your case is if it's in the house it's fine, but outside it's not. Okay.

Your second point was he got wasted and walked into a Fertitta Brothers casino and said "Do you know who I am?" Yes, this is clearly inexecusable since it was in a Fertitta Brothers casino and not another casino, or bar, or hotel, or club, or any kind of party where I'm sure countless other fighters have gotten drunk and got out of hand.

You know what, you're absolutely right, we have no idea what Jesse actually did too, so let's just do some math. He wasn't arrested, charges weren't pressed, he's a young guy in Vegas. Just shut up and put two and two together man. The guy hit on some girls, started to get loud, obnoxious, call them names. Security shows up and he says "Do you know who I am?".

Need I express this issue again because it's not coming in clear enoughm, Chris Leben was just PRISONED for another DUI after being shown as a full fledged drunk on TUF and threatening to kill and cripple people, oh yeah I forgot, because it's in the house that's okay. Yet he's still co-headlining a UFC fight against Michael Bisping, good thing CB Dalloway wasn't the replacement for Leben. And yet I express this again, Melvin Guillard got busted with possession of CRACK, Rob Emerson travels with a pack of fratboys and beats up random defenseless people on the streets. For the love of god get off this shit about how he "brought it on himself". He gets drunk like 90% of fighters in the UFC and who have gotten out of hand, but not excessive. JT was a clear victim of the UFC wanting a certain fighter in the finals and bam, opportunity came knocking.

Those of you defending that Jesse Taylor deserved to get banished from the finale because of THIS seriously needs another outlook on life in general and really need to re-evaluate your morales. And more importantly, needs to quit being spoon fed by this whole "he lay and prays!" crap so this is a perfectly good reason to kick him out of the finale because CB Dalloway almost got his arm snapped in half.

Edit: Yeah they didn't just put him back in the finals, but it was the fact that they knew they'd have an opportunity to bring him back and give him another shot. And they're not stupid, they knew that Tim didn't stand much of a chance against him. They figured CB would take him down like Jesse did and hold him there and that's what he WOULD have done, only I'm sure CB was tenative taking him down since he just came off from an arm bar loss.

Clear cut for CB to get to the finals, that's why this all happened. Boring wrestler, Rampages hype machine and #1 pick. This whole season Dana hyped up CB to be this machine, he clearly isn't, and that's why this happened.

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