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Originally Posted by ManBearPig View Post
Dana White is full of sh!ttttt..

He completely ruined Jesse's career... over a broken window and a drunken rant????

I'm calling BS.. Dana saw a guy that is a boring fighter.. a classic lay and pray wrestler... and he wanted him out..

He wanted his golden Boy "CB" in the finale and he manipulated it to get him there...

I'm not even sure CB won that fight with Tim...

UFC is turning into WWE..

total nonsense.

They just lost a loyal fan .. someone that has been watching since UFC 1.

I'm out.
I was going to respond to this personally, but I think this post by Hopperman in a similar thread says it all:

Originally Posted by Hopperman
scenario: You are in the running of getting a job at a bussiness. There is a time period between now and when the decsion if you got the job or not.

Before you part ways your boss says. Act professonal, handle youself in a reasonable manor.

Two days later, you get drunk, kick out a limo window, go into your bosses hotel and cause problems, and when security steps in you get hostile.

do you seriously expect to still be in the running for that job after that night??

Forget other ufc fighters and what they have done bc they are not on the show, its a different situations between ufc fighters and guys on the tuf show.

not saying fighters shouldnt be punished for illegel actions, but they are in a different situation than the tuf guys
I think Hopperman sums it up better than I could.

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