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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
I hate CB Dolloway and every fighter like him. I'm tired of Lay-N-Pray, tired of cocky-douchebagginess, and tired of the way he looks like he's trying to model for an abercrombie catalog.

I hope Amir simply ko's his ass.

IMHO, Amir is already the Ultimate Fighter. He already beat his opponent. Done and done.

Though I am curious how good Amir can get when he has a decent training camp and time to train. Look how much better he got during the 6 weeks on the show.
I agree and just to add to that when CB talks he reminds me of a big mouth bass sucking for oxygen or Mick Jagger cant decide which he looks like more but the the "bitch lips" have got to go....

LOL new nickname "Bitch Lips" HA that's funny right there!

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