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Originally Posted by esv
lol believe me im not that sick, the point of the game was to create a horrific torture and thats what i did. lol but can we please continue with the game instead of having this sidetalk. My crime scenario is still open for a response.
Well for the record I really would do these things if I had the chance in these situations. But whatever its fine to be creative and say things you wouldnt really do.

esv to repond to your post, I would first knock him down, do a face stomp, and then kick and break his ribs when he's unconcious. I would then tak his dead boy somkewhere and tie him up. i would shove a 2x4 with nails sticking out through his ass, cut his **** and ball off, put them in his mouth, then sew his mouth shut. I would then take a drill bit and drills holes all throughot his body. Im gettin bored now so I'd probably just go ahead and take him outside and burn him at the stake to finish things off.

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