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Originally Posted by ozz525 View Post
Alright im tired of all of this crap. CB was working Amir, that armbar was sick and couldn't have been done better, but CB deserves his rematch he earned it. How did the UFC set up CB Vs Amir 2? By putting him against the most experienced fighter in the house and almost losing? I hope CB comes with a little more conditioning and works Amir.
Thats bull dude you dont get a rematch automatically jsut by putting on a great fight for MOST of the fight and then losing it. If that were the case then why isnt the black dude he KO'ed with that knee getting a rematch? That's why it kinda seems like they got the chance to bring back CB and took advantage of it.

They should have put in Tim plane and simple no questions asked. It works like a bracket and there is one laid out on Wikipedia. Since CB and Tim both lost in the semi's and Amir all ready beat CB that leaves one possible candidate and that is Tim. By all logical reasoning that's how this should have gone down in all fairness to CB.

CB is a great wrestler yeah whatever I dont care because that's all he is really other than those wicked kicks that waists a quarter of his gas tank on every time. I dont care really because I don't see him vastly improving by Saturday while I see that Amir is probably working on the sprawl and TDD and hopefully wont rush in this time giving CB the take down.

Amir has way better stand up and use of kicks than Tim and Tim was lighting CB up int heir fight. Makes me think if Amir can learn to find his distance and circle better he is gonna avoid a lot more take down and maybe take this one int he later rounds via KO.

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