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Originally Posted by Chrisl972 View Post
I thought that they should have brought Tim up for the finals. It pretty much is a bracket set up that they are doing, so it would be the loser to the one that got kicked out that would move up in the brackets.
I was thinking the exact same thing. Amir already beat CB. Close or not, last second or not, he took him out with a superior execution of skills. How many times did we see Joyce on the bottom for 10-20 minutes looking like he was being dominated only to suddenly see the other guy tap out of nowhere? (No I am not comparing Amir to JG)
So CB should not have the right to fight him again and win the whole show.
If CB wins, they are just even and neither is the vitor. If CB wins we need a rubber match.

No matter what happens though, we will see a lot more of Amir. Ken Florian didn't win and he has done main events. Amir will get a contract anyway, even if it's not on that night.

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