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Originally Posted by Gluteal Cleft View Post
Not directly. But the more people vote for libertarianism, the more the Rs and Ds start acting like libertarians.
I hope you're right. The problem is that the Rs and Ds don't question the basic assumptions they operate under. They'll continue to do what they've done since at least 1935, even if they do soften their thieving tendencies a bit.

I chose 1935 because that's as far back as I know with absolute certainty they've been making the arguments they make today. I was reading Congressional reports associated with the Revenue act of 1935 for work and couldn't believe how little has changed. The craziest thing I read was one of the Democracts freaking out about a Mr. Haliburton. Seriously, the founder of the Haliburton that Dick Cheney was involved with and the Democrats were freaking out about not long ago.
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